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Timeline of 2D orthophotos

Easily compare multiple time-stamped aerial views

Timeline of 2D orthophotos

Drones enable you to make plans that are much more accurate than satellite views. The orthoplan can be used as a basis for site supervision by performing regularly scheduled flights. You can easily control, document and share with stakeholders.

What you get

You get High Definition photographs of the entire site in .TIFF format, corrected for perspective effects, scaled and geolocated.
The resolution level (pixel size) can be between 2mm and 10mm.


How can you use it?

Our orthophotos are superimposed with the project plans allowing you to evaluate the progress and the conformity of your work, to optimize your logistics and to better communicate with your stakeholders in one click. A valuable asset for driving and monitoring your site with regular aerial photography. The Air Support platform offers many features to save time and use your HD photos: comparison of ortophotos, profile views, zooms, annotations. See our demo space.


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