For structures such as rails, bridges, dams, water towers

Inspection of the Cité des Sciences

« Drones enabled us to fly over the whole facade by capturing high definition images, allowing us to do a full diagnostic of the facade in stone. The alternative solutions would never have permitted such specific results. »

Valentin Valognes - Project Manager

Our services to architectural structures

Structures require regular and adapted maintenance (historical monuments, bridges, railway bridges, footbridge, water towers, fountains,…). Despite the aging of the material components and the erosion that they can be subject to, their function needs to be maintained within a secure regulatory framework. As such, the drone applications are numerous: surveillance, regular monitoring of cracks, televisual inspection and diagnostic. The very specific aerial imagery of infrastructures by drone in inaccessible zones can occur in real time or remotely. Whether you are a technical studies office in charge of periodic detailed inspections, architect developer or project manager, you gain considerable time, achieve savings compared to traditional methods (hydraulic lift, scaffolding, rope technician, fly over (helicopter, plan or microlight)) and optimise your operations.


Identify the defects and cracks in a piece of work or the maintenance and renovation needs

Site supervision

Document the status of your work at each key step of construction and provide visibility to your contacts

Our services - inspection - site supervision - promotion - as-built survey


During a call for tender with potential buyers, showcase your site / infrastructure

As-built survey

With a birds eye view, no more recoil issues, no more problems accessing your geometric surveys and your background plans


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