The Air Support platform,
at the service of your 2D and 3D projects

Ergonomy, speed, confidentiality, collaboration, our platform helps you gain in productivity

The Air Support platform

With its many features, our platform makes you more productive. The list of features of our platform is constantly evolving to adapt to your challenges. Do not hesitate to contact us, to let us know your specific requests and we will study together the feasibility of your project.

SaaS Solutions

The technical flexibility to adapt to your needs

  • SaaS solution 100% available on a cloud platform or integrated within your intranet network
  • Standard interface or custom white label for your colors and logo
Click and show

"Click & show" to facilitate your inspection work

  • From a specific point on your 3D model, automatically retrieve all HD photos containing that point.
  • Choose a photo, zoom, annotate, measure, and automatically find your comments on your 3D model
  • Your thermographic shots superimposed on your RGB shots
Easy report

"Easy report" to quickly edit your reports

  • Word templates at your disposal
  • A simple edition in a few clicks
  • Your photos, your annotations and your measurements in a summary document
Archiving of your data

Customer history, to guarantee the archiving of your data

  • One account per user
  • Real-time visibility from the quote request to the availability of your data
  • All your deliverables archived and timestamped
Measurement and annotation tool

A simple measurement and annotation tool available on line

  • From 1D to 3D, you measure distances, areas and volumes
  • Your representations are available in orthoplan and in 3D model
  • Compare two shots over time with the timeline
Collaborative platform

A collaborative platform to share in complete safety

  • Share your deliverables with your contacts in a few clicks
  • Your partners have direct access to your annotations
  • You define the read and write access rights

The Air Support platform, a customizable tool according to your needs

Available in custom white label, for automatic processing of flight data collected by your remote pilots, compatible with your collaborative tools.

Your company already has drones and teams trained to capture the images essential to your business, but it lacks a reliable, accurate and secure tool to process the data? Our platform is at your disposal.

Because your needs may be specific, the Air Support Technical Team is at your disposal to develop your platform and offer a customised option.

Our platform can be deployed locally. The human-machine interface adapts to your constraints: graphic chart, tools and systems, business specificities...

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